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Braciole and Meatballs Recipe | How To Make Braciole and Meatballs | Sunday Sauce | Video Recipe

Braciole and Meatballs Recipe | How To Make Braciole and Meatballs | Sunday Sauce | Video Recipe

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Ingredients for Braciole:-

✔ 6 slices of top round/sirloin sliced 1/4 inch thick (Braciole)
✔ 3 minced garlic
✔ 1/4 fresh parsley chopped
✔ 1/3 cup of Parmigiano Reggiano
✔ 1/3 pecorino romano
✔ Salt to taste
✔ Pepper to taste
✔ 1/4 raisins
✔ 1/4 pinoli nuts

Ingredients for the sauce:-

✔ 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil (80 ml)
✔ 1 large onion chopped
✔ 1 lb veal neck bones (450 grams)
✔ The rolled-up Braciole you have made.
✔ Meatballs (see my meatball tutorial)
✔ 1/2 cup red wine (120 ml)
✔ 1 can tomato paste 6 oz (170 grams)
✔ 1 can peel San Marzano tomatoes 106 oz (3 kilos) OR
✔ 4 cans peeled tomatoes 28oz
✔ Salt to taste
✔ 1/4 tsp sugar
✔ 1/4 cup basel
✔ Amounts can be doubled for a larger sauce. Great to use to make a lasagna, baked ziti or eggplant parmigiana

Braciole and Meatballs Recipe | How To Make Braciole and Meatballs | Sunday Sauce | Video Recipe

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  1. You didn't show how you make the meatballs.

  2. You cook just like my Mamma only that you are a artist

  3. When do you put the Veal Neck Bones in? Do you cook them first?

  4. Awesome. I Love it. Looks really Tasty

  5. Thanks again for this…we cook so much alike and our views on the food we serve to our loved ones and friends mean the same..
    I live in Florida now and would love to know what part of the country you are located in…xoxo

  6. I am making your Sunday Sauce right now. The butcher gave me GIANT slices of meat so we will be having some monster braciole! I accidently opened up 3 cans of tomatoes and 1 can of puree so I just threw the puree in the sauce and added the fourth can of tomatoes. I see that you don't put garlic in your sauce but I always do, so, I did. I am going to add the sugar at the end. My husband likes sweet sauce. Stupid me put the meatballs in at the beginning so I'll cook them for 30 minutes, remove them, and then cook sauce for 2 1/2 more hours. My fear is the meatball thieves will find them!

    I learned how to make sauce from Chef Pappini when I was in school at the Culinary Institute of America a very long time ago (I graduated in 1977). I've had a number of baking and chef jobs but raising and homeschooling children turned out to be my primary job. I love ethnic foods. My husband's father was 100% Italian. I learned a lot of recipes from his mother (who was taught by her mother-in-law) and his Aunt Lena. I will cook food from any ethnicity. I especially love Italian, Polish, Korean, Thai, Indian, and Greek.

    I normally do not mess with anyone's recipe until after the first try. Then I make it my own. Chef Pappini's recipe is so good and so close to yours that I was afraid of messing with a taste my family is so fond of. I did, however, leave out the tsp. of oregano. Pappini calls for a stick of sweet butter when the sauce is done but I will forego that. 🙂

    A few questions: I see that you fry your meatballs. My feet hurt today so I baked mine in the oven. When I took them out I scraped everything out of the sheet pan into the pot. I figured if they cooked in the sauce all that stuff would have gone into the sauce, right? Would you have done that? I could have sworn that you had some fresh basil on your counter and heard you say you put it in at the end. I didn't see it in the list of ingredients so I looked back at the video there it was! You need to add it to the list of ingredients.

    Thank you for sharing your recipes with us. I will let you know how everything turns out. We'll be eating it tomorrow.


  7. That made me so happy I literally had tears of joy in my eyes.?? The love in which you cook reminded me of why I enjoy cooking for other. God be with you and your family.??????

  8. Definitely a channel to watch thank you for the link

  9. Perfect video, background ?. Brava. Grazie love braciole ?. Hope you'll give me a ❤️ ?..

  10. Making sauce tonight for Pete!!

  11. I've been waiting for the meatballs ?, Adri here

  12. We'll put this on our list!

  13. Yen, It i True! I'm from Vico Equense And i make tomato sauce in this way!

  14. Wonderful sauce! Thank you for sharing your tips, your ideas, your love!

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