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How to Make the Original Bolognese Sauce | Easy, Step-By-Step Recipe

In this Piatto™ video recipe, we’ll show you how to make the Bolognese Sauce recipe considered traditional in Italy (also called: ‘Ragù Bolognese’ or ‘Ragù alla Bolognese’). This classic Italian Ragu Bolognese Sauce recipe is a ready-to-use sauce that freezes wonderfully.

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This Ragu Bolognese sauce recipe originated in Bologna, Italy and is used in many Italian pasta dishes such as a Tagliatelle Bolognese, Spaghetti Bolognese, as a sauce for polenta and an ingredient in the Sunday classic: Ragu Bolognese lasagna. Simply the best ragu recipe you’ll ever make—a sunday sauce (or, sunday gravy) that your family will love.

This popular Northern Italia meat sauce has a rich, velvety taste. The ground meat (beef) is simmered in red wine, tomato and whole milk. The whole milk helps to counteract any acidity coming from the tomato and wine. However, to further reduce acidity choose a quality Chianti wine that you would drink and a tomato product with low acidity. Look for tomato sauce products that say they are ‘San Marzano’ tomatoes. These tomatoes are world-renowned for their taste.
Ragu Bolognese Sauce recipe that SERVES 8

ground beef – 600 g (1.25 pounds)
pancetta (pork belly) – 300 g, finely chopped (.6 pounds)
carrot – 100 g (about one carrot)
celery – 100 g (about 3 ribs)
onion – 100 g (one medium red or yellow onion)
butter – 100 g (about 7 Tablespoons)
tomato puree – 600 g (21 ounces)
red wine – 250 ml or 1 cup (here, Chianti wine)
whole milk – 500 ml (2 cups)
beef broth or water (optional) – as needed during the simmer
salt – to taste
black pepper – to taste

HOW TO MAKE the Original Bolognese Sauce
Finely chop the pork belly/pancetta. Mince the onion, carrot and celery.

Melt the butter in a large sauce pan or skillet. Saute the vegetables until tender and translucent. Make a well in the center of the vegetables. Add the pancetta. Cook until no longer red.

Make a well and add the ground beef. Cook until no longer red. Slowly add the red wine a little at a time. Let the wine reduce and continue adding slowly until all of the wine has been added.

Add the tomato puree. Stir. Cover and simmer on low heat for 2 hours.

After two hours, slowly add the whole milk over the course of an hour. Simmer over medium-low heat and stir frequently.

Salt and pepper to taste and…

Buon Appetito!


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