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Johnnie Walker XR 21 WhiskyWhistle 187 PLUS! VS Platinum Label 18

Johnnie Walker 21 XR, a duty free / travel retail special bottling – buy a bottle? Or say good-bye, bottle?

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A special duty free only edition of Johnnie Walker, this 21 year expression was inspired by the blending notes of Sir Alexander Walker. XR 21 features whiskies from the extensive Johnnie Walker stocks. the XR 21 Year Old is even said to include whisky from the now-silent Brora distillery. Great stuff from Johnnie Walker! LOVE IT? Hate it? Leave a comment!
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My friend Jason at Jason WhiskyWise – his review of XR 21
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Johnnie Walker range:
Red Label
Black Label 12 Year
Green Label 15 Year ( blended malt)
Gold Label NAS
18 Year ( former Platinum Label 18)
21 Year XR
Blue Label
Blue Label King George V
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  1. Nice vídeo. Watching from Argentina. I'll Buy this Whisky because of You. Thanks!!! ?????

  2. should i get this or the blue label for about the same price. im not a big scotch drinker btw lol special occasion

  3. All JW are shaiit. Blended whiskeys are harsh in the throat.
    My batch of Blue Label was just basically. Black Label. They just use left over batches, blend it, slap a high price tag and a fancy bottle.

  4. Thomas Shelby makes drinking whisky look way more manly

  5. 한글자막좀 달아주세요 korea 채널에도 고급위스키 리부해주세요

  6. fancy bottle and box, thats it! i call b.s, i dont find it smooth, peat smoke yes..

  7. Hey Mark, I’ll be going to Duty Free next month. Was thinking of purchasing either this or Glenmorangie 18, which one would you purchase?

  8. I love single malts 1st … but I also love the blends as well , I look at blends as they are…. as a  consistent great cocktail , when people make the transition to single malts some develop a negative view of blends:(   they try to see the two as equal which in my humble thoughts they are not. as a daily drinker I like JW Black and I love it for what it is !

  9. Hey Mark, nearly wanted to call you Joe ? Good to see you back to reviewing Scotch whisky again. I've got both the 21 and 18 year old Johnnie Walkers. Still to open them, I only recently just purchased the 18 year old Platinum for £45, wish I had got more than the one bottle, just trying to control my whisky spending.

    I will have to sent you some whisky samples at some point, currently going next week to Deanston distillery, bit of a treat. I'll try and get something while I'm up their.


  10. #11th thumbs up ma man Great Review

  11. $100 USD for the XR compared to $200+ CAD for 18 year old single malt… When you put it this way, there is a definite market for these super-premium blends. I have tried the JWGold and found very little there. It is opening up, and as it's opening up, I get a hint of that same smokey note that you find in JWRed, only it's in the background rather than right up front… I will probably come back and try that again after it's been oxidizing for a few more months.

  12. The LCBO lacks any selection with well matured blends. Piss poor for sure

  13. Mark,
    I gave you a shout out on my latest video "police vs 19 crimes cabernet sauvignon" check it out, keep up the great work.

  14. Hey Mark, I prefer the XR-21 over the Blue but I feel that's down to the component that go into the blend which suit my palate more. The XR here is more easier to find in travel retail then in shops

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