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Sauces | Basics with Babish

Sauces form the base of many wonderful dishes and thus, are a great place to start in the kitchen. Featuring a salsa, a red sauce, a béchamel, and a red wine sauce, this Basics with Babish episode will get you chopping, mincing, deglazing, and more in no time.

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Shopping Lists + Equipment for live cook-a-long

Salsa (Pico de Gallo)

Shopping List

-2-3 large, ripe tomatoes – firm, fragrant, preferably on the vine
-1 medium red onion
-Cilantro (very optional, substitute with parsley if you’re like me)
-1 Jalapeño
-Fresh garlic (1 clove)
-Kosher salt
-Freshly ground pepper
-1 red bell pepper (optional)
-1 mango (optional) – soft but not mushy to the touch
-Scallions, aka green onions (one)

Equipment List

-Chef knife
-Cutting board
-Mixing bowl
-Serving bowl
-Garlic press (optional)
-Nitrile gloves (optional, but you’ll want em in the future)
-Pepper mill

Red Sauce

Shopping list

-Fresh garlic (3 cloves)
-1 medium yellow onion
-Olive oil (extra virgin and non)
-Crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
-Tomato paste (1 small can or squeeze tube)
-2 x 28 ounce cans San Marzano tomatoes (look for D.O.P. certified – otherwise, try Muir Glen Organic)
-Fresh basil (1-2 sprigs)
-Unsalted butter
-Kosher salt
-Freshly ground pepper

Equipment List

-Chef’s knife
-Cutting board
-Pepper mill
-Enameled Dutch oven (or other large, non-reactive/non-aluminum/non-cast iron pot)
-Wooden spoon

Bechamel Macaroni & Cheese

Shopping list

-Butter (2-4 tablespoons)
-All-purpose flour (2-4 tablespoons)
-Whole milk (1 cup)
-Cheddar cheese (4 ounces, not pre-shredded)
-Monterey jack cheese (4 ounces, not pre-shredded)
-Parmesan cheese (6 ounces, can be pre-grated)
-1 pound dried macaroni
-Panko bread crumbs (unseasoned, 3/4 cup)
-Kosher salt
-Freshly ground pepper
-Fresh thyme (optional, 2 sprigs, picked)

Equipment List

-Measuring cups/spoons (optional)
-Nonstick sauté pan
-Aluminum foil (if the casserole doesn’t have a lid)
-Pepper mill

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  1. I'm tempted to partially freeze and then grate a wheel of Camembert cheese and use that in the cheese sauce, just to see what happens. (the freezing is to make grating easier)

  2. The only problem is that after you eat a homemade tomato sauce you will never eat a canned one ever again

  3. not cutting out the green bit of a tomato, i should insta click away but i wanna know salsa

  4. You don’t like cilantro?

  5. Video is 3 years old and it looks like it was made 7 years ago.

  6. Hey! (: is this the 3.5 Dutch oven or the 3.5 sauteuse?

  7. This is not what I had in mind when I searched "great sauce"

  8. But how would one be able to make this sauce while the steak is still hot?

  9. mango salsa is for cowards

  10. You are a saucy boy
    – William Shakespeare

  11. You need a better editor cuz color corection it is not done right

  12. isn't the salsa more like a pico de gallo?

  13. thanl you babsish. thi is very helpful

  14. this is how DEADPOOL would conduct a cooking class…clear , sharp, fresh & witty..keep it up Bab!..

  15. Just made the tomato sauce recipe, skip the butter its way too overpowering.

  16. Every-time you remove the seeds from any type of chili or pepper, a little part of me dies inside.

  17. Bechamel belongs on a croque monsieur. Always. I simply won't be convinced otherwise.

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